Nathan ShuteNathan Shute
Concrete Superintendent

Nathan serves as Concrete Superintendent for McAlvain.  Nathan has over 19 years in the construction industry, including 13 years at McAlvain, with extensive experience and knowledge in concrete structure construction. As Concrete Superinendent, Nathan’s strengths and responsibilities include project supervision, safety, scheduling, procurement, and quality control for McAlvain.

Question and Answer:

  1. How long have you been with McAlvain?  13 years
  2. How many years have you worked within the construction industry?  19 years
  3. What made you choose construction as a career?  I have always been in construction of some kind.  I chose construction because it was a way to work outdoors (which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good).  My first full time job was framing homes I was able to work outdoors and enjoyed seeing something come together that you had built…that’s when I knew I was going to do construction.
  4. What is your specialty or passion within the construction industry?  I like the challenge of concrete construction.  Concrete is what seems to suit me.    I don’t believe it is hard to work with if you have an understanding of  how it reacts in certain temperatures and what it is capable of doing.  Most of that understanding just came with experience and working around a good group people who were willing to share their knowledge.
  5. About yourself:  I am born and raised in Idaho.  I grew up in a small town called Ola. My parents moved to Emmett when I was about 14 and I got my first full time job at 17.  I got married when I was 20 and have three children, 1 girl and 2 boys.
  6. What Hobbies do you like to do in your spare time?  Hunting/fishing/gaming.
  7. What has been your most challenging project while working at McAlvain so far and how were those challenges overcome?  The Capitol Wings Expansion project has been the toughest to date.  The biggest challenge was with monument stairs on the east and west and the tight tolerances that we had to hold to. The challenges were overcome due to determination and the fact that failure was not an option.
  8. What do you enjoy about working at McAlvain or working in construction?  The thing I enjoy most about McAlvain is their employees.  Most of the core people will stick with you through the long hours and difficult situations not matter what.  As far as construction in general I enjoy the fact that no two jobs are exactly the same and they all have their unique challenges.

“McAlvain’s team put forth the extra effort and resources needed to ensure that our project was completed in time for irrigation water delivery.  North Side Canal Company has been very pleased to have them work on this project with us.”  – Alan Hansten, P.E., North Side Canal Co., Ltd., Head of the U Gate Structure Replacement.

Highlighted Project Experience

  • Capitol Wings Expansion
  • Head of the U Gate Structure Replacement
  • Boise State Dona Larsen Park/Track and Field Facility
  • Boise River Whitewater Park